About Me

Here’s the short version: I am a mom, wife, writer, reader, and organizer of people and events. That may not sound exciting but what can I say? I have a good life.

More specifics: I am married to David Cancel, and we have two awesome kids and one cute dog. We live north of Boston in a beautiful seaside town where winter is too long. We have also lived in Boston, and New York City, where David is from and where I went to NYU and lived and worked for many years. Yes, I do sometimes miss it, thank you for asking. But we have a good thing going here.

I graduated from Vassar College in 1991 with a degree in Film Studies, and I did in fact work in film and in television for the years I lived in New York. My jobs were varied, from production assistant at ABC News to editing room assistant on some documentary films to personal assistant for Martin Scorsese. While a student at NYU, I co-founded one of the Internet’s earliest blogs (we didn’t have that word back then) called Girls on Film, where we reviewed movies and popular culture. Girls on Film eventually became Girls On, and was acquired by Oxygen Media. In 1999, I moved to Boston, where I taught film criticism classes at Suffolk University, and reviewed film for the local NPR station.

Then I moved up here and that was the end of my film career! So I went into retail, like my parents, and opened a women’s clothing, shoe, and jewelry boutique right across the street from my mom’s shop. Being a small business owner was insanely hard work but fun, too. Then life got complicated, as it often does. My mom got sick and passed away in 2011 from complications due to early-onset Alzheimer’s and I closed both of our businesses. I was very involved in her care and have had to somewhat reinvent my life since then.

These days, I spend most of my time with my kids, and that’s a good thing. Some days they drive me crazy, but then, after I put them to bed, I miss them and end up looking at photos and videos of them on my computer.

Other things I like: planning and going on vacations with my family; watching my kids do something new; going to the beach in the morning or evening; drinking wine with my friends; meeting with my book group; meeting with my writing group; eating really good cheese, chocolate, and coffee (I drink the coffee); and walking through the woods with my dog.

Things I dislike: white chocolate (hideous); air travel; the word “blog”; Kesha; the end of vacations; bad audiobook narrators; and, increasingly, politics in America. I’m sad about that last one but I feel like the crazies have taken over.

Anything else you want to know? You can email me at lcarrigg@gmail.com. Thanks again for visiting.